Molestation in the Boys Scouts = Lawsuit

The Boys Scouts of America (BSA) and Chicago Area Council are accused of failing to protect scouts against a serial pedophile who is now serving a 100-year prison sentence in Illinois.

A lawsuit filed alleges the BSA were aware of former Scoutmaster Thomas Hacker’s arrest in Indiana for sexual assault and battery of boys. Because of inadequate screening systems, Hacker re-surfaced as a Scoutmaster in Illinois and continued molesting boys for the better part of two decades.

It is reported that the BSA established a confidential file on Hacker in early June of 1970, when he was arrested for homosexual activities with boys both in the scouts as well as the school where Hacker was teaching.

The lawsuit accuses the BSA of fraudelent misrepresentation, fraudelent concealment, and non-disclosure of predatory scout leaders. Attorney Chris Hurley says kids are at risk. “BSA’s own files collected and maintained in secrecy for so many years, showing that Scouting was a magnet for pedophiles. The magnitude of the response has been inadequate and unacceptable.” 



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