Jazz Great Dies 1 Day Before 92nd Birthday

Dave Brubeck im Konzerthaus Dortmund

Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck died of heart failure this morning, while en route to a routine appointment with his cardiologist.

Burbeck’s most known works were recordings like Take Five and Blue Rondo a la Turk, both of which gain him popstar status.

Burbeck’s son and other fellow musician were planning a Birthday party for him in the town of Wilton, Connteicut.

Burbeck’s recordings and large scale compositions include:
Two ballets, a musical, an oratorio, four cantatas, a mass, works for ja

zz group and orchestra, and many pieces for solo piano. He has appeared at the Newport (1958, 1972,1981), Monterey (1962, 1980), Concord (1982), and Kool jazz festivals, and performed at the White House (1964, 1981).


Burbeck is survived by his wife, Lola, four sons: Darius, Dan, Chris and Mathew – whom are all musicians, a daughter, grandsons and granddaughter.



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