History of Depression for Royal Prank Nurse

057354-jacintha-saldanha-goes-home46-year-old Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who was at the center of the Royal Prank two Australian radio hosts played, posing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, had a history of depression and suicide attempts going back over a year before she committed suicide December 7th by hanging herself.

Saldanha overdosed on pills last December 30th and was rushed to a private hospital in Mangalore where she was treated for “self-harm.” Nine days after that, Saldanha tried to jump off of a building and was treated at Father Muller Medical College Hospital for head injuries. She was discharged three days later and given a nine-month course of anti-depressants.

272460-jacintha-saldanha-039-s-funeralBritish officials say that her family was warned that Saldanha was at risk for future suicide attempt(s).

Saldanha spoke to her husband over the phone the evening of the prank call, but did not reveal her involvment in it. She had also spoken to her children days following the prank and also did not reveal her involvment. Saldanha was found on December 7th, hanging from a scarf in her wardrobe at her nurse’s quarters at the Kind Edward VII’s Hospital in Central London.

Saldanha’s yournger brother, Naveen, said that her family did not know of her involvement with the royal prank until police notified them, after her death.



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