Today is the Day CTA Commuters – We Pay More $$$

The cost on all CTA passes increase today. So if you are a regular commuter trying to save money or decrease your carbon footprint, The Chicago Transit Authority’s price hikes may cause you to have to do a little re-budgeting.

Here are your new Rates:

CTA 1-day Pass – from $5.75 To $10.00
CTA 7-Day Pass – from $23.00 To $28.00
CTA/Pace 7-Day Pass – from $28.00 To $33.00
CTA 3-Day Pass – from $14.00 To $20.00
CTA 30-Day Pass – from $86.00 To $100.00
Metra Link-up Pass – from $45.00 To $55.00

Base fair will remain the same at $2.25 with the following exceptions”
*Blue line from O’hare will raise top $5.00
*Senior/Disabled reduced-fare rates from $0.85 To $1.00
*Senior/Disabled reduced-fare 30-Day Pass from $35.00 To $50.00
*10% bonus on reduced-fare prepaid cards ELIMINATED

But do not fear commuters, Groupon will still offer their discounted $9.00 rate on 3-Day passes while supplies last, so stock up!



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