$40,000 Typo

thA British hairdresser, referred to as Sally Donaldson for privacy purposes, recently found out that she had mistakenly given away $40,000 by making a simple typo.

Over the course of two years, Donaldson was making monthly transfers of her paycheck from her HSBC account to a joint account she shared with her husband. Two years later, Donaldson noticed on an October statement that the $1,500 transfer did not show for the month. In researching the transfer history, Donaldson realized she’d inadvertently used one wrong number in the account number and her transfers had been going to a strangers account. Over the course of two years, the transfers totaled $40,000.

Guardian bank says it may be difficult for Donaldson to retrieve her funds because the recipient refuses to return the money and the bank can’t reveal her identity due to data protection rules. And unfortunately for Donaldson, the law is not on her side, as British law dictates that when money goes into the wrong hands, it can be withdrawn without gaining permission for up to six years of the date of the original transfer.

Manisha Thackor, CEO of MoneyZen Wealth Management, says “people have become so dependent on technology that they’ve developed a blind trust in computers,” and urges people to be careful and take a personal responsibility regarding online transactions.



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