It’s the Questions – #1 of NaPoMo

Should it be peculiar?

The bitter taste of your kiss afterwards

The sly grin adorning your cheeks when you know I Know

The harsh texture in your caress as your hand leaves mine

The memories flooding of everything we pretended we were

We WERE everything we pretended to be

So should it be out of place?

The parallel lines of our story interwoven between the lies we based it on

I agree that the intent was pure

But the Purpose wasn’t

Should it be questioned?

The Truth?


The Unknown?

Should we question the Pain or trust the Joy?

Should Poetry be a greater personification of the philosophies our brains play with when we rest?

Or maybe…

Just Maybe

It should be as it is


A freedom that surpasses the obsession of understanding

A Power that recognizes it has none

A Respect

For what we are given

And what we are required to give

The coldness of your absence

The silence of your music

The warmth of our retold stories

Should it be History?

Or is it enough just being a Beautiful Lesson?




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