Satisfy my Soul – #2 of NaPoMo

I’ve learned to be patient about it
cause my Desires are more relevant than any instant gratification
The Promise alone satisfies my Hunger
And I know how to build Kingdoms… its in my blood
And it takes time
It takes patience
It takes morally sound judgment
It takes a Voice
I’ve learned to project mine
cause my Words are often more relevant than my presence
The Legacy left satisfies my Purpose
And I know how to satisfy
I pay attention
I remain soft
My ideals are powerfully passive
I am able to wrap the warmth of my emotions around the cold, hardness of logic and make love

I enjoy the Silence afterwards
Sometimes I try to hear the Resistance fleeing
But I mostly just catch the sunrise

I’ve learned to be joyful within it
Because a story absent of pain & challenge is Boring
And I want mine to be retold over lifetimes
cause the lessons will be more relevant than my name
And the Change alone satisfies my Soul



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