Hip Hop Turns Me On… #11 of NaPoMo

Rhythm AND Poetry
Microscopic infusions of Perfection, Purpose and good ole folktales
Sometimes its a Love Song
Sometimes its a War Story
Sometimes its the only calm in a chaos of oppression, programming and too much freedom of speech

The ON switch to Power
The power of words tucked between percussions waiting to tell its story
The perfect chorus over a dope beat
A universal language that we can all speak
Conversations absent of intimidating judgments

The ON switch to Knowledge
Don’t you think it’s time we thought about the future? Whether our children are gonna be winners or losers? KRS One
The call to action
Hip Hop is a verb

The incomparable balance of truth & fantasy
The recollection of lives lived
The energy from memories made
The rhythm of legacies left

Hip Hop turns me on to a world where language is a Vibration and Love is a rhyme



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