News Headlines

Chantal Rocks Towards St. Lucia

With winds near 50 mph and rapidly moving west from Barbados, Tropical Storm Chantal has St. Lucia residents fearing the worst. Just after 8am, residents were preparing school and airport closings.

Just over a month into Hurricane Season and tropical storm warnings are in effect for the Caribbean as well as Puerto Rico. Southeastern U.S. residents are urged to monitor weather conditions as forecasts predict the storm moving north towards Florida.

Quinn’s Changes to Concealed Carry Law Rejected

The House voted 77-31 against proposed changes made by Governor Pat Quinn to Illinois concealed carry legislation. CBS reports Quinn’s amendments as: a one-gun, 10-round limit on concealed firearms; a provision allowing towns and cities to enact their own assault weapons bans beyond a 10-day window; and a complete ban of firearms in establishments that serve alcohol.

If the Senate votes with the House, the original concealed carry legislation will become law.

Derrick King Arrested Again

51-year old Derrick King has been arrested again, this time for felony retail theft and misdemeanor reckless conduct in the same Jewel store of a brutal attack he was arrested for in 2009. King has been arrested over a dozen times and has sparked outrage from critics, due to his release as part of the early prison release program.

In 2008, King attacked Jennifer Hall on her birthday after she refused to give him a cigarette. He knocked out 20 of her teeth and caused her to have 85 staples in her head. King plead guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, but was released 18 days after his pleas under the early prison release program.

Since then King has been arrested for misdemeanor assault, criminal intimidation, parole violation and a host of other charges that involve violent acts toward women.


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