Want to learn the basics of Proofreading and Copyediting and how to translate those skills into a career?

Just click on the logo below to Register for the next Proofreading Workshop and get started today.


  • Learn MLA, AP, AMA, APA, CMS basics
  • Get info on Proofreading jobs/staffing services
  • Learn how to pitch yourself as an independent contractor for proofreading & editing jobs
  • Leave with the confidence to begin your career in proofreading, along with a certificate of completion for the workshop

Just $89
(Plus $20 material fee)

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2 thoughts on “Proofreading

  1. This class was an intriguing and thorough introduction to Proofreading. Camille is a very knowledgeable professional who ensured our understanding of Proofreading basics and provided a complete overview of career opportunities and marketing strategies.

  2. I found LaRay’s course to be a very worthwhile use of my time and money and would definitely recommend her class to anyone considering a career in proofreading. She fully covered the “technical” aspects of proofreading (e.g., style standards and proofreading marks), and also provided a wealth of practical advice for developing your career (including how to quickly and easily build your Web site, the best associations to join for networking and job opportunities, etc.). The course materials that LaRay compiled are full of valuable information. LaRay’s high-energy presentation made for a very enjoyable class; it’s obvious that she has a lot of passion and enthusiasm for her profession!

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